Dynamic Tier Review

Faster Tier Upgrade

Unique to InterMiles, Dynamic Tier Review or DTR is an award winning, multi-period and multi-criteria based tier review. DTR evaluates a member's tier based on the Eligible Miles earned by the member.

Many of the benefits and privileges you enjoy as an InterMiles member are dependent on your membership tier. We have four rewarding membership tiers, starting with Red, and progressing through Silver and Gold to Platinum. Every time you spend on various InterMiles platforms or fly with our Airline Partners or spend with our Program Partners, you earn InterMiles which helps you move up to the next membership tier level. Take a look at how the InterMiles DTR system works, the InterMiles accrual structure, and what you need to move up to a higher tier.

InterMiles accruals on Qualifying Activities

InterMiles accrued on Qualifying Activities within a specified time period will count towards your Tier Status.

Activities eligible that will count towards your Tier Status are :

  • Revenue Flights purchased on any airline on www.intermiles.com
  • Revenue Flights purchased through any booking source, on select Partner Airlines, for bookings made in specified booking classes (i.e. ‘RBDs’). The list of such airlines is stated here;
  • Spends and charges incurred on InterMiles co-branded credit, debit and corporate cards as communicated by the Programme from time to time. This includes activities such as enrolment bonus, renewal bonus, spends threshold bonus, and plough back InterMiles. The list of such cards is stated here.
  • InterMiles accrued by a Corporate under its Account as a part of the Business Rewards+ Programme
  • All other Programme Partner services and benefits booked / purchased through www.intermiles.com or directly with the Programme Partner as specified here
  • All InterMiles purchased under the Buy InterMiles option on www.intermiles.com
  • All Bonus activities linked to Qualifying Activities, including but not limited to Tier Bonus and Cabin Bonus.


    InterMiles members can upgrade to higher tiers basis the number of InterMiles accrued to enjoy the associated tier benefits. On enrolment, members start their journey as an InterMiles members and climb up the ladder to the prestigious Platinum tier. On a daily basis, DTR looks at the InterMiles accrued in the preceding 365 days; offering faster tier upgrades.


    With DTR, Tier renewal is easier and more flexible. At the end of the Tier Validity Period, DTR will review the InterMiles accrued for Qualifying Activities in your Account during the 12 month period from the attainment of the existing Tier or for an additional 6 months period preceding the date of Tier attainment i.e for a total of 18 months

    Tier review date:

    If the 12-month criterion is not met, then the 18-month criterion will be considered

    For renewal:

    The DTR looks at Eligible InterMiles earned from the date you were upgraded and displays the balance requirement to be completed before your tier review date. A member without a tier will not be able to view the renewal page.

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