Have Miles? Use them for smart savings, exclusively on InterMiles
Shop with your favourite brands, plan your dream trip, eat at that restaurant you love and save on all your bills. How? Redeem just a few Miles, and “Save with Miles” every time, anytime!
Why Save With Miles?
Great Value For Miles
Get assured savings with Miles, on every purchase
Available to Everyone
All you need is Miles to start saving. Redeem as low as 10 Miles to start now!
Easy Peazy
Select the “Save with Miles” option before making the payment
How It Works
Step 1
Initiate your purchase
Book your next flight or hotel, pay your next dining bill, or buy a discount voucher
Step 2
Choose Save With Miles
Before completing your transaction, select the Save with Miles offer and then proceed to payment.
Step 3
Enjoy your savings
That’s it! Sit back and enjoy your savings & repeat!
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can opt for redemption of miles via Save with Miles?

All members having a valid InterMiles account and with miles balance more than or equalling the quantum of miles to be redeemed can opt for payment via Save with Miles

How and where do I opt for Save with Miles?

You can avail this offer by choosing Save with Miles on the payment pages of Dine (offer available on app only), Hotels (offer available on website only), Flights and Vouchers on Digi Stores (offer available on both website & app). Please choose this option before making the payment, to avail the offer.

Is there any maximum capping to the miles redemption via Save with Miles

There is no maximum cap on the miles that can be redeemed via Save with Miles. However for a given transaction, the discount value is capped as per below:

  • Dine : Max. discount value = Rs. 2000/-
  • Flights:

    - When redeeming 350 miles, get discount of Rs. 150/-

    - When redeeming 660 miles, get discount of Rs. 250/-

  • Hotels :

    - When choosing 5% off, max. discount value = Rs. 2500/-

    - When choosing 10% off, max. discount value = Rs. 5000/-

  • Vouchers : Max. discount limited as per max. permissible value of voucher i.e., If max value of voucher than can be purchased in a single transaction is Rs. 10000/-, accordingly max. possible discount in a single transaction will be Rs. 500 (5% of Rs. 10000/-)
Terms and Conditions
  1. Save with Miles is available to all InterMiles members, i.e., Base, Red, Silver, Gold & Platinum.

  2. InterMiles Red, Silver, Gold and Platinum tier members are eligible for redeeming their InterMiles via Save with Miles option and full redemption across all available platforms on InterMiles. Intermiles Base members are eligible for redeeming their InterMiles via Save with Miles option on all platforms on InterMiles. However, the option of full redemption is available only on Flights and Hotels.

  3. All other General Conditions for Redemption as per the InterMiles T&Cs apply.

  4. T&Cs applicable specifically for the respective category, on which Save with Miles option is being exercised, supersede General T&Cs of Redemptions.

  5. These Terms & Conditions are final and binding on all Participants. If any matters or disputes or differences arise in relation to these Terms & Conditions, they shall be determined solely by JPPL.

  6. This Offer is further subject to the terms and conditions specified on InterMiles.com.

  7. The Offer and these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of India. The participants agree that the courts in Mumbai shall have jurisdiction over all matters arising from or relating to this Campaign.