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Child Enrolment Programme Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Child Enrolment Programme:

  • Enrolment / Registration of child into the InterMiles programme is offered only to InterMiles members.
  • InterMiles membership is open to children in the age band of 2 – 11 years.
  • Enrolment form for children is available on www.intermiles.com
  • Children’s enrolment is Free of charge.
  • The InterMiles member enrolling a child must be a Parent/Legal Guardian of the respective child.
  • The InterMiles Programme defines Parent as the biological or adoptive father and/ or mother of a person.
  • The InterMiles Programme defines Legal Guardian as:
    • a natural guardian;
    • a guardian appointed by the will of the minor’s father or mother;
    • a guardian appointed or declared by a court; and
    • a person empowered to act as such by or under any enactment relating to any Court of Wards.

“Guardian” means a person having, the care of the person of a minor or of his property or both his persona and property, and includes:

  • A child can be associated with only one parent/Legal guardian’s InterMiles account at any given point in time.
  • A Parent/Legal Guardian must be 18 years and above to enroll a child into the InterMiles Programme.
  • Each InterMiles member can enrol up to 5 child/children as a parent/legal Guardian.
  • Upon successful enrollment, a child will be enrolled with contact details of the associated parent/guardian’s InterMiles account automatically.
  • All communication pertaining to the child’s InterMiles account will be sent to the parent/guardian’s email address recorded in the respective InterMiles account.
  • In case the child has to be associated with new parent/guardian, the InterMiles member must request for the same via manual delinking process by presenting legal documents.
  • As an exceptional scenario the child can be disassociated from existing parent/guardian to be associated with a new parent/guardian with the help of InterMiles Service Centre only. The child’s InterMiles account cannot be disassociated from existing parent/guardian’s InterMiles account without associating the child with a new parent/guardian.
Accruals / Earnings / Benefits:
  • Child’s InterMiles account will be earning InterMiles upon all Accrual activities, as per the existing InterMiles Programme.
  • Tier Upgrade / Retention policies will be applicable for children as is, as per the existing InterMiles Programme.
  • Children will get rewarded with Qualifying InterMiles in the child’s InterMiles account for the qualifying activities taken by respective child.
  • The InterMiles tier of the child’s InterMiles account will be upgraded / retained / will change basis the Qualifying InterMiles recorded in the respective InterMiles account.
  • Basis the tier, only the child - himself / herself will be entitled to enjoy the benefits and privileges applicable for the particular elite tier. Such benefits and privileges will be credited to his / her parent/guardian because of associated child’s tier entitlement.
  • InterMiles members can also avail MyFamily+ programme benefits by linking children as member/s of the family.
  • Only parent/guardian can redeem InterMiles from the child’s account till the enrolled child completes 11 years of age
  • The parent/guardian can redeem the InterMiles from the child’s InterMiles account for award tickets for travel to be taken by self, any of the member of the MyFamily+ account, other family members or friends.*

*InterMiles programme T&C apply.

Child’s InterMiles account status upon turning 12:
  • Post completion of 12 years of age, the child’s InterMiles account will no longer be associated with the parent/guardian’s InterMiles account.
  • The parent/guardian can no longer redeem InterMiles from the associated child’s InterMiles account.
  • An email will be sent to the associated parent/guardian’s registered email id by InterMiles, informing them for updating unique contact details in the child’s InterMiles account, who is now 12.
  • The parent/guardian must initiate change of credentials upon receiving an email from InterMiles as the child’s InterMiles account becomes dormant for redemption until then.
  • Enrolled children who have turned 12 will be able to redeem InterMiles for travel to be undertaken by self, family or friend. All other benefits / features will remain the same.
  • Enrolled children can redeem InterMiles from respective InterMiles account for travel to be taken by self, family or friends only upon attainment of age 12, after changing the contact details.
Deceased Parent / Guardian / Enrolled children:
  • In the case of event of death of a parent/guardian, the InterMiles Service Centre must be informed.
  • The existing process of producing death certificate, information of legal heir through affidavit and redemption rights given to legal heir, will be applicable to the InterMiles membership accounts associated with MyFamily+ Programme.
  • Upon receipt of all relevant valid documents by the InterMiles Service Centre, the status of InterMiles account of the deceased member will be changed from “Active” to “Deceased”.
  • All the associated child’s InterMiles accounts will be dis-associated from the deceased parent/guardian’s InterMiles account and will be associated with the new parent/guardian based on the provided legal documents.
  • Child’s InterMiles account cannot exist and the child will forfeit all his / her InterMiles, if child’s InterMiles account of a deceased parent/guardian is not associated with the new parent/guardian’s InterMiles account.
  • In the event of the death of a child, the child’s InterMiles account will be dis-associated from the parent/guardian’s account on receipt of all relevant valid documents* by the InterMiles Service Centre.
  • The child’s InterMiles account status will be updated to “deceased” and the legal parent/guardian will be able to redeem InterMiles from the child’s InterMiles account on submission of the relevant valid documents to InterMiles Service Centre. * Valid documents indicate a death certificate of the deceased InterMiles member and a legal document stating the legal heir.
  • Children enrolled as InterMiles members can be added as Member of Family in the MyFamily+ programme.
  • Parent/Legal Guardian and Head of Family can either be the same InterMiles Member or two different InterMiles members.
  • To add the child as Member of the Family the Head of Family of family needs to follow the addition of family member process as stated in the MyFamily+ programme.
  • Once the child is added to the MyFamily+ account the head of the family will get rights to pool in InterMiles from the children account.
  • Parent/Legal Guardian will also have rights to redeem InterMiles from the children account.
  • MyFamily+ programme terms and conditions apply.
General Information:
  • While compiling this information, InterMiles has endeavored to ensure that all information is correct. However, no guarantee or representation is made to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained here. This information is subject to changes by InterMiles without notice.

*InterMiles Programme T&C apply

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