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Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card

Terms and Conditions for Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card:

General Terms and Condition:

  • The benefits and offers are being brought to you by American Express/Partners of American Express for the Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card on a “best effort basis”
  • All offers are subject to payment through the Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card
  • Cardmembers can avail of these benefits and offers subject to them having fully paid their membership fee
  • All benefits and offers are subject to availability and Cardmembers must exercise due diligence in understanding specific terms and associated charges/fees that may be applicable to such benefits
  • These benefits and offers can be used only in conjunction with the Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card and cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer and any participation/availment of the benefits by a Cardmember shall be purely voluntary
  • American Express is neither responsible nor guarantees the quality of goods/services and nor is it liable for any defect or deficiency of goods or services so obtained/availed by Cardmember at the establishment
  • American Express and the partners reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions of any offer or withdraw such offer at any time without prior notice.
  • These Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Corporate Cardmember agreement governing the usage of the Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card and may be deemed as the Terms and Conditions governing the Jet Airways American Express Corporate Cardmembership

InterMiles Earning and Transfer

  • The Welcome Gift of 10,000 InterMiles is available only in the 1st year of Cardmembership and on payment and realization of the Annual Fee. This Welcome Gift would be credited to the Card member’s Account 90 days after the card issuance date.
  • Cardmembers would earn 3 InterMiles for every INR 100/- spend on the Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card for all spend categories except on telecommunications, insurance, fuel and other utility services (Telecommunications includes providers of landline phones, mobile phones, internet services, cable and other pay TV services, and calling cCards. Fuel includes petrol, diesel, CNG from Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). Other utility services include providers of household/domestic electricity, gas and water. These providers can be government departments and agencies including local, state, municipal organizations; public housing societies and apartment associations). Additionally, no InterMiles would be earned on Cash advance and other services (Express Cash, American Express Gift Cheque purchases, American Express Travel Gift Certificate purchases, Emergency Cheque Cashing, Cash Advance, American Express Traveler’s Cheque purchases, Foreign Exchange purchases in cash or on the Card and Balance Transfer) and Fees and charges (Any Annual fee on the Card, Surcharge or Transaction fee levied on any charge, Charges for dishonored cheques, Delinquency charges: late payment and collection charges, Foreign currency conversion charges and Overlimit charges).
  • Cardmembers would be eligible to earn additional InterMiles for every INR 100/- spent at participating merchants over and above the existing InterMiles earned. Please log on to www.americanexpress.co.in/bonusrewards for the updated list of partners and Terms & Conditions.
  • 75% of the overall InterMiles earned by the Cardmember would be automatically transferred into the Cardmembers’ InterMiles Account and the remaining 25% would be automatically transferred into the Company-level Business Rewards+ Account with InterMiles on a monthly basis (except for the Welcome Gift where 100% of the miles would be transferred to the Cardmembers account). This automatic transfer would be done only once a month on a stipulated date. Requests for transfer of miles outside of this stipulated date would not be entertained. Redemption of InterMiles would be subject to InterMiles Terms and Conditions. For details, please visit www.intermiles.com.
  • The Cardmember would need to ensure that the information provided related to InterMiles number in the application form is valid and correct, as this information would be used to facilitate automatic transfer of InterMiles. Incorrect information would result in a delay in this automatic transfer.
  • If we do not receive the payment of the amount due shown on your monthly statement by the payment due date, then the InterMiles earned for that statement period will be forfeited. InterMiles so forfeited can be reclaimed by paying a reinstatement fee of Rs.350 per reinstatement or as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions as amended from time to time.
  • If payment for the Cardmember is overdue, then the automatic transfer of InterMiles to the respective InterMiles accounts would be suspended till the time the Card Account returns to a good standing.
  • In the event of the Card Cancellation or Deactivation (cancellation either initiated by the Cardmember or American Express), the automatic transfer of InterMiles to the respective InterMiles Accounts would be immediately suspended.
  • On termination of the InterMiles membership, benefits related to InterMiles would stop accruing.
  • Jet Airways reserves the right, strictly in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the InterMiles Programme, to disqualify a Cardmember or a Company from the InterMiles Programme.

Additional rebate in the form of InterMiles for your Company on Incremental Spending on Jet Airways and their codeshare partner airlines

Please refer to the Jet Airways rebate Terms and Conditions available on the Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card Account Agreement and Set-up Form for your Company

For detailed Terms and Conditions of the InterMiles Business Rewards+ Account and InterMiles Account please visit www.jetairways.com

Rebate on the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, Vivanta by Taj Hotels & Resorts, the Gateway Hotels & Resorts and Ginger Hotels

Please refer to the Taj Group Terms and Conditions of Rebate for Clients available on the Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card Account Agreement and Set-up Form for you Company

Priority PassTM

  • The Priority Pass Card is not transferable and is only valid up to its date of expiry and when it has been signed by the Cardmember.
  • The Priority Pass Card is not a payment card nor is it proof of creditworthiness and attempts to use it as such could constitute fraud.
  • Admittance to the lounges is conditional upon presentation of a valid Priority Pass Card only. Payment Cards will not be accepted as substitutes for the Priority Pass Card.
  • Lounge visits are subject to a per person per visit charge, where applicable (depending upon membership plan).
  • Priority Pass Cardmembers and any accompanied by guest(s) will have to pay a Lounge Visit Fee of US$ 27 per person per visit which would automatically be charged to their Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card.
  • When presenting the Priority Pass Card on entering the lounge, lounge staff will either electronically scan or take an imprint of the Card and issue a 'Record of Visit' voucher or receipt to the Cardmember or make a log entry. Some lounges have electronic Card readers, which will take the Cardmember’s details off the magnetic strip on the reverse side of the Priority Pass Card. Where applicable, the Cardmember must sign the 'Record of Visit' voucher, or receipt, or sign the electronic reader (as applicable), which will also reflect the exact number of accompanying guests, if any, but does not show any per person per visit charge. The charge per visit for the Cardmember, where relevant, and that for any guests will be based on the 'Record of Visit' voucher/receipt/log submitted by the lounge operator.
  • Facilities vary by lounge.
  • For complete Terms and Conditions, please refer to the Priority Pass form or visit www.prioritypass.com.


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