Key Points - Gift or Transfer InterMiles

Gift InterMiles
Key Points you need to know about Gifting and Transferring InterMiles
  • It is possible to gift or transfer InterMiles to anyone, as long as they are InterMiles members
  • InterMiles once gifted or transferred cannot be reversed, cancelled or re-deposited
  • A charge of 18% will be levied as GST on every transaction for gift or transfer of InterMiles effective 1st July 2017.
  • InterMiles Platinum and Gold members can avail of this facility 4 times in a calendar year
     InterMiles Member, Red and Silver members can transfer InterMiles 2 times per calendar year
    InterMiles members who are not eligible for redemption can also transfer or receive InterMiles
  • InterMiles can be gifted or transferred online only and this facility can only be processed for a credit card transaction and not through cash
  • Transferred InterMiles information will reflect in the giver's and the recipient's account within 48 hours of completing the transaction